From the magazine SZW-RSDA 6/2019 | S. 654-666 The following page is 654

Förderung der ökologischen und sozialen Verantwortung durch den Bund im öffentlichen Beschaffungswesen und in der Privatwirtschaft

The Federal government has committed itself to setting a good example in the Sustainable Development Strategy 2016–2019 and in the 2030 Agenda. Sustainable development is a constitutional mandate that must also be taken into consideration in public procurement procedures. The pressure from parliamentarians seems to be bearing fruit and accordingly, as part of the total revision of the Swiss Federal Act on Public Procurement, most of the required improvements for sustainable procurement are expected to come into effect in 2021. However, for the purpose of political demarcation, the Federal Council apparently intends to interfere as little as possible with the interests of the private sector in terms of corporate responsibility, and thus continues to rely on the self-regulation of companies that must fulfill their social obligations within their specific international economic and trade relations.