From the magazine SZW-RSDA 2/2020 | S. 97-98 The following page is 97


Banking and financial markets and services are the common topic of all but one of the papers published in this Spring issue of the Swiss Review of Business and Financial Market Law. Once again, we look at it from a diversity of angles: contracts, supervision and enforcement, employment law, personal data, criminal procedure, and taxation. There is poetry in this “inventaire à la Prévert”1. It is also evidence of the growing multidisciplinary complexity of the once steady and conservative Bankrecht.

Three contributions issue from recent presentations made to the Geneva Journées de droit bancaire et financier.

Christian Bovet and Valentine Delaloye look at three new categories of privately-owned but publicly supervised “organisations” in charge of supervising wealth managers and trustees, of registering client advisors, or of controlling securities prospectuses. While not unique to Switzerland (think of FINRA in the United States), this legislative preference for “self-regulation” – or…