Prof. Dr. iur. Edgar Philippin


Numérisation et registre du commerce

From the point of view of the competent authorities, paperless keeping of the commercial registry has long been a reality. All necessary tools for electronic filing by the users also exist. However, such form of communication remains optional, and experience shows that paper filings remain the norm. In the absence of a statutory obligation, the situation is not likely to change until innovative,…
Prof. Dr. iur. Edgar Philippin
SZW-RSDA 1/2018 | S. 21

Zusicherungen und Garantien zugunsten von Investoren im Rahmen einer Finanzierungsrunde

Before committing to provide additional funds to a target company, investors will typically seek to secure their investment with appropriate representations and warranties. In order to do so, the investors may rely on various stakeholders and, among other options, request that appropriate representations and warranties be provided by the target company itself. This article addresses the statutory…
Prof. Dr. iur. Edgar Philippin, Nicolas Loepfe MLaw, LL.M.
SZW-RSDA 3/2016 | S. 295