Prof. Dr. iur. Lukas Handschin


Erwerb eigener börsenkotierter Aktien

When a company buys own shares, it reimburses the paid-in capital. Before 2013 own shares were always a mixture of a profit-sharing and a purchase of an asset. In 2013 this changed completely; own shares are no longer assets and can no longer be capitalized. This decision of the legislator, that own shares are a form of profit-sharing, has various consequences: the shareholder must treated…
Prof. Dr. iur. Lukas Handschin
SZW-RSDA 3/2017 | S. 291

Rechenschaft und Transparenz als zentraler Teil der Governance oder als Selbstzweck?

The title of the essay is: “Accountability and Transparency as a function of governance or a function which ends in themselves?” Without transparency good corporate governance is not possible, since only informed decisions are dutiful decisions. Both, the general assembly of shareholders and the board must make decisions which are only possible if transparency is given. For example, for most…