Dr. iur. Peter Reichart LL.M.


Betrugsversuche im Zahlungsverkehr im digitalen Zeitalter

Money transfers have always been the target of fraudsters. For decades Swiss banks limited liability in their contracts with clients to intent and gross negligence. The Federal Supreme Court, however, often denied applying this broad liability exclusion. Today, banks usually commit themselves to verify the identification of the client with customary due diligence but also request from the client…
Dr. iur. Peter Reichart LL.M.
SZW-RSDA 4/2019 | S. 392

Besserstellung der Revisionsstelle in der aktienrechtlichen Verantwort­lichkeit? – Prozessrechtliche Bemerkungen zu Art. 759 Abs. 2 E-OR

The draft for the revision of the stock corporation law proposes to limit auditor liability. In case the audit firm has merely caused damage by negligence, it shall be liable only up to the amount it would have to pay due to a recourse claim (draft art. 759 (2) CO). The proposal, which dates back to 1983, does not reliably limit auditor liability. This is because art. 148 (3) CO provides that…

Klagen gegen Finanzdienstleister im FIDLEG-Entwurf – ­eine kritische Würdigung

The draft Swiss Financial Services Act («Finanzdienst­leistungsgesetz»/«FIDLEG») aims at the improvement of customer protection. To that end, it also contains procedural rules that shall facilitate lawsuits of custo­mers. Customers do not have to advance court fees nor have to deposit a security for the counterparty’s costs. In certain situations, a customer is relieved from paying any litigation…
Dr. iur. Peter Reichart LL.M., Richard Meyer MLaw
SZW-RSDA 4/2016 | S. 390