Privates Individualarbeitsrecht

In the Business of Influence: Contractual Practices and Social Media Content Monetisation

In 2018, 300 hours of content were uploaded on Youtube every minute. Most of it is generated by regular people who share content for a living, and those who amass enough followers are known as influencers. Traditionally, media laws have controlled aired content. Nowadays, broadcasting decentralisation and social media trends such as influencer marketing challenge the rationale and application of…
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Catalina Goanta LL.M.,, Dr. iur. Isabelle Wildhaber LL.M.
SZW-RSDA 4/2019 | S. 346

Sharing Economy: Zur sozialversicherungsrechtlichen Beurteilung von ­Plattform-Beschäftigten

Driven by digitalisation and the Sharing Economy, the way in which work is performed is changing. Platforms that provide work or carry it out themselves are becoming increasingly important, as are the associated unresolved legal issues. From the perspective of social security law, the question arises as to whether platform workers are self-employed or employed by platforms. Since all platforms…

Corporate Internal Investigations under Swiss Law: Information Gathering and Employee Interviews

The information gathering and review phase is fundamental to every corporate internal investigation. It forms the factual basis for the final report and legal considerations at a later stage of the investigation and provides evidence which might become relevant in a later civil, regulatory or criminal proceeding. It is therefore crucial that the data collection and interview phase is conducted in…
Dr. iur. Juerg Bloch LL.M., Lic. phil Nicole Gütling Mlaw
SZW-RSDA 3/2019 | S. 275

Enquêtes internes et secret professionnel de l’avocat

The Federal Court recently rendered two decisions on the issue of the protection of the lawyer’s professional secrecy within the context of internal inquiries. These decisions represent an important step, since there were contradictory opinions in legal writings on the issue of whether lawyers’ participation in internal inquiries should be regarded as a typical activity, and consequently covered…

Das schweizerische Bankprivatrecht 2016 / Le droit bancaire privé suisse 2016

Das Bankprivatrecht regelt diejenigen Rechtsbeziehungen der Bank, die ihre Grundlage im Privatrecht haben, wobei die vertragsrechtlichen Bindungen zwischen der Bank und ihren Kundinnen zum Kernbestand gehören. Die diesjährige Rechtsprechungsübersicht will dies nicht in Frage stellen. Was allerdings auffällt, ist die Häufung von bankprivatrecht­lichen Sachverhalten, die gleichzeitig eine…
Prof. Dr. iur. Susan Emmenegger, Prof. Dr. iur. Luc Thévenoz, Thirza Döbeli MLaw, Leandro Lepori MLaw
SZW-RSDA 2/2017 | S. 210

Le droit bancaire privé suisse 2015 / Das schweizerische Bankprivatrecht 2015

Cette chronique paraît six mois après la précédente (RSDA 2015 386) et figurera désormais chaque année dans le 2e cahier de notre Revue. On aurait pu espérer que cette livraison-ci s’en trouverait allégée. Ce n’est pas le cas puisque 37 décisions sont résumées ci-­dessous.
Prof. Dr. iur. Luc Thévenoz, Prof. Dr. Susan Emmenegger, Endrit Poda, Michael Kissling MLaw
SZW-RSDA 2/2016 | S. 207