Der Kundenschutz und die FINMA – heute und morgen

To effectively protect financial market clients, an integrated approach combining prudential and conduct supervision is most conducive to achieving the desired results. It has already been applied in principles-based Swiss financial market regulation and supervision and is practised in a risk-oriented manner. Besides public financial market law, further aspects such as civil law and criminal law…

Mystery Shopping als Teil der Compliance

In this paper we argue that mystery shopping shall be part of the compliance in the financial services industry. Laws like FIDLEG try to regulate the conduct of ­financial service providers, which is checked by written documentation. However, there are substantial doubts that those documents do not correctly reflect the interaction between advisor and customer. Based on the­ ­example of the…
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens, Dr. Andreas Ritter
SZW-RSDA 6/2019 | S. 568

Grenzüberschreitendes Angebot von Finanzdienstleistungen und -produkten? Die Eidgenossenschaft schlägt zurück

Until recently, Switzerland applied a strict territorial approach to regulating financial services with a handful of a notable exceptions. After facing protectionist movements from other…