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Recent developments in Swiss competition law

I. Introduction

1. «Wettbewerbskomplexität»! After reading the 347-page long judgment handed down by the Federal Administrative Tribunal in the Swisscom ADSL price strategy case,1 one can only agree with the expression used by the court in its decision.2 Although an appeal before the Federal Tribunal is pending, we must emphasize the high quality of this judgment and, in particular, its clarity and educational value despite the complexity of this margin-squeeze case and the number of objections raised by Swisscom against the decision rendered by the Competition Commission3 as authority of first instance. Lawyers would be well-advised to study this judgment carefully, since it contains a number of developments that could be useful to them in their day-to-day practice; of course, one may disagree with some of the arguments or conclusions, but the references presented in this judgment will…